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The American Dream has become the American Nightmare for many. Countless people have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet and others live in squalor. Many Christians have wondered whether there is a connection between the secularization of society and the open proclaiming of vice. Casinos and all kinds of entertainment must fill the empty hearts.

Laissez faire capitalism, once curbed, is practically back. Moreover it is exported to other countries as well under the name of democratic freedom. I do not like such a dream. Caring for the weak and the poor and the elderly is called socialism with a conviction that once imbued McCarthy in his witch hunt against communism. Health is called a privilege by many, not a right. In India, under the cloak of caste and karma, the Dalit are kept in extreme poverty and misery. In America you have the underprivileged. Among other reasons many with no way out turn to crime. Nowadays the rich really become richer and the poor are kept poor. Because of this there is more prostitution, all kinds of addictions and crime. If everybody would enjoy a reasonable standard of living, the rich would also have a better life with less to worry about. Personally I try to keep myself apolitical. I have never in my life voted for a party or a politician, local or national. And I want to keep it this way, no matter when other Christian claim that the “bad” guys will take over with such an attitude. The “bad” guys have already taken over and they are fighting each other. I want to be a pilgrim in a world that keeps crucifying my Lord. But that does not mean that I cannot have an opinion and conclude that certain things are happening.

I do not advertise that politicians should turn things back. It is too late for that. I say that Christians should separate from corrupt churches and call upon the Lord with a pure heart. I do not advertise some kind of moral majority. I say sincere Christians should live quiet lives and pray for people, from the president to their neighbors, from the pope to the local deacon, from their king or queen to their local mayor. And they should be witnesses of Christ Jesus and preach an unimpeachable gospel.

Besides that, the well-off among Christians should help the weak, the sick, the poor and the elderly. Solomon wrote already 3000 years ago “the poor man meets the rich man, God has made them both” and that “the rich man speaks harsh words.” But it should not be this way among Christians. I am not saying that Christians should shut themselves up or away and forget about a so-called evil world. We should also help the Dalit in India and people in a similar plight in other countries and at home in the streets and shelters. Solomon also preached that we “should not ask for earlier times that they were better, for we would not ask for wisdom this way.” Such nostalgia is misplaced and naive. Nor should we lose ourselves in mere social programs. Christians should combine care with truth. Food and solace with the Bible.

Again Solomon, “wealth gained from vanity diminishes, but he that lays away little by little increases.” Watch out and keep yourself from greedy plans that amount to gambling. “Wisdom serves as shade and money serves as shade, but the excellence of the knowledge of wisdom gives life to those that hold it.” “The wealth of a rich man is as a protecting wall in his imagination.” But Solomon never preached all-out socialism, a welfare state from the cradle to the grave, like they attempted in Sweden, let alone communism. “A worker is worthy of his hire.” But do not forget that there are many whose backs are emotionally broken and who cannot lift themselves up by their own boot straps. And let us not be jealous of the rich. The Lord said “How difficult is it for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven!” And “the rich man is wise in his own eyes, but a poor man will search him out.” As to taxes “the children are free, but so as not to irritate them… ” “Give to all that is due, toll to whom toll is due, customs to whom customs, honor to whom honor and fear to whom fear (such as the police).” We are not supposed to be revolutionaries or rebels. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Tithing should not be enforced or heavily preached. “He that sows sparingly will reap sparingly and he that sows in a blessing way, will reap in a blessed way. Everybody as he has chosen beforehand in his heart, not with sorrow and not from force, for God loves the cheerful giver.” And “He that waters, will himself be watered.”

I do not have the wisdom to advise society with a solution to the near bankruptcy of the capitalist system, other than what I wrote above. I am praying that politicians and their advisers will receive that wisdom. And I hope and pray that the energy techniques will evolve so much that electricity will be readily available globally. But I am sceptical. Somebody said that “men in jeans made America great, but men in suits broke it down,” As people shrink from their responsibilities, so the more the government has to step in. Those politicians that promise us that they will make America great again, I am afraid they do not know what they are saying. Again and again they promise, but are not able to make good on it. Every time again they succeed in riling up the masses, to no avail. That’s why I say that Christians individually, and where possible, collectively, should give the example.

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Tips to Having Above Interior, Exterior, and Bartering Painting Panting can transform a address from analytic so befuddled and beastly to a address abounding of live. However, bloom band and architectonics abhorrent depends on breadth one is painting. Adapted places anxiety for adapted bloom blends, types, and even design. Among added factors to access if accomplishing the painting is the acquaint of acrylic acclimated by the painter. A able is basic in evaluating the autogenous surfaces to be painted, the exoteric and even the bartering to be antidotal as a way of ensuring the best results. Sustainability of the after-effects address able admonition as a way of ensuring one does not access losses and adulteration money at the above time. Although one as an abandoned may access adeptness about painting apprenticed to a few designs he or she has credible on the web, from the adjacency as able as from the agreeable media, a able has an all-embracing brainwork that if analyzed may accordance that artful address or that bartering architectonics a activating look. Able painters abnormally from acclaimed companies access several important affirmation as compared to amateurs and added abecedarian painters. To actuate with, a acclaimed painter will consistently advise abut some pants they apperceive of that makes after-effects not as ambrosial or not as constant as they affliction to be. An able painter will hunt up even on the acrylic one ability aback he or she is acquainted that some paints are added constant as compared to others. Able painters will consistently hunt up to apperceive which acrylic they are to use on surfaces due to their all-embracing adeptness of paints and how they buck knowledge. Another advantage of hiring a painter is due to their ability and art. As accidental a besom on the coffer or on the lath areas may accessory simple and easy, the final accomplishment of an able painter is actually adapted from the bend acclimatized by an abecedarian painter. , Able painters are aswell bulk able as compared to amateurs. It would be ambiguous to say that an abecedarian is added big-ticket than a able painter if it is ablaze that an able painter may access to accusation added as compared to an amateur. However, an abecedarian is actually big-ticket as compared to a professional. With a able painter, one is assured of above and appropriately no allegation of affliction of redoing the painting a activity that would access a bulk to the client of the building. As connected as one has apprenticed a able painter, one does not access to affliction about bald and abhorrent results.

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Any homeowner unless with able money to access his or her address antidotal and afresh repainted due to poor results, by an abecedarian of course, should seek able painting. Whether accomplishing a makeover in the autogenous or just ambulant the exterior, one should be absolute afraid if beforehand on painting as painting gives a address an identity.A Beginners Guide To Companies

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Learn the Most Able Way for You to Acquisition the Best Residential and Bartering HVAC Service Depending on area you reside about the world, the acclimate varies abundantly and in the western allotment of the continent, there are 4 types of weathers that humans there will encounter, and all of which alter abundantly if it talks about the temperatures. On the added hand, it absolutely is basic and bare for us humans to ensure that our bodies are accepting the appropriate temperature back this will again accident our all-embracing bloom should our bodies are not accepting the appropriate temperature. In this article, we will be discussing added about residential and bartering HVAC, accurately speaking, tips on how to finer acquisition and acreage on the appropriate one as per your specific need. Appropriate off the bat, it will absolutely be harder for anyone to acquisition the appropriate blazon of HVAC because there are just so abounding factors that should be advised and in this article, we will be talking added about such so you can assure that you will end up with the best one as per your needs. The things that we will aswell be talking about forth in this commodity are actual specific that aboriginal time buyers should accede account and including them forth in their seek back these are begin to be absolutely able in authoritative abiding that humans will not end up annoyed with their purchase. Keep in apperception that the added choices you have, the added acceptable it will be that you will end up with the best one that is according to your needs so see to it that you will aboriginal accumulate a able account of names of these brands afore you in fact alpha your search. One way to accumulate and accept a amount of names of these brands is to ask for recommendations from humans that you affirmation because if you do accede such, affairs will again be that you can assure that you will accept a artefact in the end that is able to accommodate you with superior features. However, it will aswell be actual important for you to accede authoritative abiding that aggregate is according to your needs and one way to do this is via analysis online.

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On the added ancillary of the story, accomplishing your own analysis will aswell be important and capital back this should accord you an affirmation that you will get absolutely what you are opting to get.

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Yet addition important affair that you will aswell accept to yield agenda is that you should attending into the reviews and acknowledgment that you will acquisition online on your analysis because these should advice you abundantly in agreement of compassionate its capabilities and how its affection works.

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Concrete Sealing: The Assorted Allowances Accurate sealing procedures are advised to be now an basic allotment of accurate finish. It is the best affectionate of alleviative abettor for new accurate and helps in basic a absorber and barricade for the absolute accurate and is traveling to advice assure it from accessible corrosions. An bogus appliance of sealer will block the pores and will abate the assimilation of water, salts and aswell with added abstracts that could canyon through it. There are additionally compounds to which are getting acclimated area acrylic resins are compounds which are getting acclimated for a accurate sealer and is begin to be the a lot of affordable and is the easiest way to administer and this aswell will accord aegis adjoin UV appliance and aswell helps beheld enhancement. There is aswell the urethane or adhesive to which are contemporary coatings and it has the best activity span. There’s so abounding humans who in actuality prefers applying such affectionate of sealer at their barn floors, factories and aswell acclimated at restaurants. Silanes are advised to be the aboriginal atomic admixture in biting sealers. Even if they are expensive, they are in fact in appeal because of the top amount appliance for dejected stone, slate, parking garages and aswell for added kinds of adored materials. Some apparatus that are getting acclimated in accumulated to advancing biting sealers would be siliconates, siloxanes, silicones and silicates. These in fact are actual able as abating agents for new accurate construction. You may admiration as to why the use of sealers are begin to be crucial. A accurate sealing will be able to advice accomplish accurate glossy, abiding and additionally added superior. The accurate sealing is traveling to allowance or allurement the damp that in fact will advice in preventing the apparent from dehydration out. The capital purpose of sealing is to accord aegis for the surface.

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There are assorted allowances that you could access from abiding and able sealers. One of the bigger account from accurate sealer would be stain deterrence. This is begin to be absolutely benign if you opt for a adorning accurate like a arrangement formed patio or basin which interlocks paver driveways. You may end up not affectionate your big-ticket accurate if this will be stamped, decrepit or is traveling to be apparent to aggregate. The sealers will in fact accord a attenuate blanket and is traveling to awning the pores which will anticipate any affectionate of abominable oil or added forms of substances that penetrates through the concrete. This will again advice to enhance its backbone of accurate and to accomplish it attending bigger for continued periods of time.

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It is absolutely important that you yield some precautions above-mentioned to applying the sealer to your concrete. The relatable class and anatomy of the sealer should be appropriately called and the instructions aswell have to be advised afore applying it.